Ben is a multi-disciplinary Systems Engineer with near 2 decades of broadly diversified experience. Highlights include DevOps for Big Data and medical imaging research, embedded wireless firmware development, design team management, distributed, high-availability Web applications, and high-performance video gaming hardware design.


Systems Admin, NRG, Washington University St. Louis, MO 2015-present

Build Engineer, Splice Machine, Inc., St. Louis, MO 2014

Platform Developer, HealthSight, LLC, St. Louis, MO 2011-2014

Co-Founder, WasabiNet, LLC, St. Louis, MO 2008-2014

Back-end Engineer, Less Networks, Inc., Austin, TX 2011-2014

Contract Designer, New America Foundation Washington, DC 2012-2013

Drupal Designer, Spry Digital, LLC, St. Louis, MO 2011-2013

Contract Systems Engineer, Nabbr, Inc., New York, NY 2009

Systems Designer, pplDevices, LLC, St. Louis, MO 2008-2010

Systems Engineer, Ageia Technologies, St. Louis, MO 2005-2007

Member Design Staff, DSA, Inc., St. Louis, MO 2003-2005


Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 1995-2002